Shake the Papaya Down

A little piece of summer sun right here that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Learn the hand pattern ensuring that you use the correct hand at the correct time.  Next try playing it on your knee, a pillow, a pot or pan or if you are lucky enough an actual drum.  The instrument matters not but the pattern is essential.  Superstar challenge is to play and sing at the same time! VERY TRICKY. 

Hi Leah

Nice to see you using the blog and also exploring the classics.  I love Chopin and his Nocturne in E Flat Major is a fabulous piece.  Did you find it on a piano app?

Hope you are well.  Keep safe, keep smiling and see you soon!

The Show Must Go On

I’ve seen this in a few places now.  Going to watch a musical can be expensive but for a limited time only Andrew Lloyd Webber will be streaming his musicals on Youtube.  This is your chance to see them from the comfort of your own living room for FREE.  


Worth a read…and a listen.

This is an interesting article for parents and carers who want to share the experience of listening to classical music which their child but maybe don’t know where to start. A top ten list of classical pieces, some of which I have mentioned in previous posts but neatly packaged here with a pretty bow on the top.